mars 25, 2013

Boosting Europe’s attractiveness for foreign talent


The European Commission today presented a new Directive to improve EU attractiveness and accessibility for foreign researchers and talents.  

EP rapporteur Cecilia WIKSTRÖM (Sweden, Folkpartiet) welcomes the EU proposal to set clearer, more consistent and transparent rules across Europe for non-EU nationals wishing to come to the EU for the purposes of research, study and other exchanges. These rules will tackle the current discrepancy in the legislation’s implementation amongst Member States.

It is a waste to lose talented foreign researchers and students who desire to come to Europe due to malfunctioning legislation. EU should not be deprived of skilled people who can be a great contribution, in particular given the current need for their skills in specific European sectors”.

Moreover, Mrs Wikström continued: ”The academic world is a great means to foster transfers of knowledge as well as cultural exchanges, and to spur economic growth and boost our centres for excellence”. ”This draft legislation is a good starting point that ensures investment in our future by investing in foreign talents”, she concluded.



Cecilia Wikström