April 7, 2017

Address in Strasbourg: EU should not externalise its borders

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–”Mr President, let me be very clear. The EU should, of course, work closely together with partners in our neighbourhood in order to manage in the best way possible the challenges posed by migration. This can, however, not be an excuse to try to externalise our borders or to refuse to take our fair share of receiving applicants for international protection.

What we now need to make sure is that we establish a well-functioning common European asylum system where each and every country of this Union takes its fair share of the responsibility for the people that are seeking international protection in the EU. This should be binding and mandatory for all Member States. Let us also keep in mind that there is a big difference between building capacity and stimulating development and cooperation with third countries and outsourcing our own responsibilities to these countries. Keep in mind that it is in the absence of a functioning system on asylum that we see new border controls imposed by Member States, emergency measures of all sorts, and statements such as the one with Turkey. If we ensured that we did our job, this would not have been necessary.

Thank you.”

Link to the video of the speech.


Cecilia Wikström

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