I have a big cultural interest.

I have written two books – In 2004 I published När livet går sönder, (When life falls apart), a crisis management publication awarded “the book of the year in its genre” in 2004.

In 2005 I published I tillitens tecken, (In the signs of trust), which I wrote after having suffered a stroke that made me blind in one eye.

As a member of the Cultural Committee in the Swedish parliament, I put an initiative to establish a Swedish literature canon, where an expert team consisting of teachers, the Swedish National Agency for Education and the Swedish Academy would choose the books to be included. Since then several political parties have picked up the idea, which is good. However I am still waiting for my proposal to become reality!

In addition, I have repeatedly emphasised my cultural commitment during my time in the European Parliament, including by setting up human rights plays like Speak Truth to Power and Seven.



Speak Truth to Power - opening sequence
Courage begins with one voice!
Values first - my campaign film
When you know your own values you make decisions that reflect back on society.
An entirely new European asylum system i possible!
It is more important than ever to create a common, humane asylum policy for the EU where all member states assume their fair share of the responsibility.
Values first! The Alde group's campaign film
It is about democracy, rule of law, international solidarity, cooperation and fundamental freedoms and rights. It's about the cornerstones of the EU cooperation.
Speak Truth to Power - Diana Oritz' monologue
Speak Truth to Power depicts people who even risked their lives to defend human rights. Their courage and desire to improve people’s lives urges and inspires us to take action.
A birdsong for Dawit - my reflections
Dawit Isaak, the Swedish-Eritrea journalist, has been imprisoned in Eritrea since 2001.
A Birdsong- musicvideo for Dawit Isaak
Through the music video A Birdsong, about 50 Swedish journalists, opinion makers, actors and artists hope to increase the urgency and awareness of the imprisoned Swedish/Eritrean journalist Dawit I...


In the Sign of Trust
(I tillitens tecken)
When Life Falls Apart
(När livet går sönder)
Cecilia Wikström

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