November 14, 2018

Wikström (L): Strongly supports UN migration pact in face of growing opposition

Members of the European Parliament will debate tonight EU Member States’ support for the UN Global Compact for Migration (GCM). ALDE is calling on European governments to lend their full support to the GCM so that the EU can take its collective responsibility for managing migration flows and adopt a coherent and unified migration policy with a vision for the future.

The Global Compact acknowledges that migration is a reality of today’s world and calls for multilateralism to solve this complex and pressing issue. It recognises the sovereignty of states to handle the management of cross-border movements of people, but it also points out that realistically no state can deal with this immense task alone. The coordinated attempt by several Member States to undermine this historic agreement is merely meant to stir up populist sentiments, and risks undermining the outcome of a long global conversation on our shared responsibility.

Cecilia Wikström, ALDE MEP, commented ahead of the debate:

“The global compact on migration offers a process, a way forward, to effectively manage legal labour migration in the era of globalisation. This is clearly something that is very much needed on a global scale.

It is therefore shocking that the Austrian government, currently holding the presidency of the council, has caved in completely to the demands of the extreme right in distancing themselves from a process where they should be the key force to ensure a united European position.

I can only hope that responsible countries move forward in December with determination and perseverance to find solutions to our common challenges.”

Sophie in ‘t Veld, ALDE Group Vice President added:

“Voices from the right are becoming louder and louder to abandon what has been achieved so far. EU governments must be resolute in the face of populists and do the right thing: implement the agreement and get on with the job to manage migration flows in a humane manner. Global challenges need global answers, there’s no other way.”


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