Speak Truth to Power – Diana Oritz’ monologue

It takes courgage to raise your voice. It is that simple.

The stories of over fifty human rights activists who risked their lives to fight for human rights, is the basis for the show Speak Truth to Power that I set up in the European Parliament in February 2014. The show was dedicated to Dawit Isaak, the EU’s only prisoner of conscience, imprisoned in Eritrea now for over 4500 days.

Apart from myself, starring actors such as Lena Olin, Dylan Bruno and Dennis Haysbert, and several colleagues, among them the European Parliament President Martin Schulz, the liberal group Guy Verhofstadt and the Green group leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit participated.

Speak Truth to Power depicts people who even risked their lives to defend human rights. Their courage and desire to improve people’s lives urges and inspires us to take action.