October 4, 2017

Statement on on the situation in Spain and Catalonia

It is time for the EU play an active role in the negotiations between Spain and the Catalonian movement for independence. I am expecting the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, who has so far taken an unacceptably passive role regarding this issue, to strongly condemn the unjustified violence against the citizens who participated in the referendum last weekend. Even though the referendum was deemed illegal by to the Constitutional Court of Spain, the reaction and brutality exerted by the police was disproportional and unacceptable. The conflict no longer concerns independence, but has now become an issue of democracy and human rights.

I am expecting the EU to take on a unifying role and to negotiate between all political parties. It is time to de-escalate the conflict between the government of Spain and the people of Catalonia, who are fighting for independence. Within the EU, we solve our conflicts with dialogues and negotiations.

Today, Wednesday, at 3 PM the issue is debated in the European Parliament.

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