In the Sign of Trust

In the Sign of Trust (I tillitens tecken) is a book that deals with larger and smaller questions of life. How do you keep your head up high while you are searching for answers? How do you learn to trust?

As a priest and an author, I share my thoughts and experiences regarding the big questions in life and I offer thoughtful and insightful quotes. I discuss the different phases of life, love, the concepts of Chronos and Kairos, of how you learn to cherish the day, of how growing up shapes our future, and our relationship with God.

In the fall of 2005, I suffered a stroke, which caused blindness to one of my eyes. I realised that I needed trust, faith and love more than ever. In this book, I share some extracts from my diary from this difficult time.

This book is intended to help. It will provide strength, courage and hope. The reader will be guided through what truly matters in life with warmth and experience, and it highlights issues that everyone can relate to.

The book was published in 2006 by Uppsala Publishing House.

In the Sign of Trust has been staged as a play at Uppsala City Theatre.

A piece of life knowledge that enriches and moves you. Uppsala Nya Tidning