When Life Falls Apart

A death in the family, an accident at work or a traumatic divorce – everyone will at some point in his or her life suffer from an experience that will make it seem like life has fallen apart. We will suffer; our loved ones, friends, family or colleagues will at some point fall into crisis. A lot of people are also directly affected by crises in their daily work.

By avoiding talking or thinking about these important matters does not mean that we will escape crisis. If we have not experienced coping with a crisis it will imply that we are unprepared when a difficult situation occurs. If we have not practiced dealing with a crisis, it will become even more difficult to manage a personal crisis or be there for someone else who is going through one.

This book raises concrete issues that describe the different stages of a crisis, what happens when a loved one, a friend or colleague passes away, how to prepare for the worst-case scenario and how to get on with life. It includes several real-life examples, exercises to prepare and checklists for how to react. The book is there to help you cope with crises. It is intended to for your use, for a company or an organisation that has to deal with a difficult situation: as a manager or simply as a friend.

The book was published in 2004 by Liber.