Last Night in Sweden – Giving Trump an eye-opener

Donald Trump insinuated that something nasty had happened in Sweden by saying “look what happened last night in Sweden”. The project “Last night in Sweden” was initiated to portray Swedish everyday life, and through this, give Trump an eye-opener.

In November 2017, the exhibition and its very successful book were brought to the European Parliament. In collaboration with Expressions of Humanity, a two-week exhibition in the European Parliament was organized. EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström inaugurated the well-visited event. All Members also received a copy of the book.

In the United States, just like in Europe, we see what ignorance and half-lies can lead to. I was therefore proud to host the Last Night in Sweden exhibition in the European Parliament. The exhibition is a counterweight to fake news and a reminder of events that often do not get into the news. The Swedish civil society is strong with lots of volunteers working with young people, study circles, coach sports teams and gather people in choirs, theatre groups and other activities every evening in Sweden.

We must never shut up for the social challenges we face. But we must also not let the people’s fake news propaganda about Sweden and our citizens stand unnoticed.