februari 12, 2015

Migrant tragedy in Mediterranean: urgent EU response needed

LogoALDEPressrelease from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

The European Liberals and Democrats have expressed deep sorrow at the unfolding events in the Mediterranean Sea where, according to reports, more than 300 migrants have died this week alone.

Reports indicate the victims are migrants mainly from sub-Saharan Africa, who the UN says left Libya at the weekend in four small boats destined for Europe.Cecilia Wikstrom MEP, ALDE Coordinator on the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee said this afternoon:

”An unspeakable humanitarian tragedy is unravelling before our eyes in the Mediterranean Sea.”

”It’s clear we can no longer turn our backs on these people and simply hope they will stop coming. There is war and horror in the world and people are fleeing to save their lives. We have  obligation to act and do more to prevent these tragic deaths, before the doorsteps of Europe are turned into a graveyard”

”The European Commission has been silent for too long; now is the time to see strong leadership with concrete proposals that will make a difference and save lives.”

”We need legal and safe routes to access the EU now. We could do this by, for example, issuing humanitarian visas at EU embassies or consular offices in temporary refugee camps around the world, in order to allow for a safe entry into the EU. European leaders should have acted a long time ago, too many lives have already been lost. Let’s not remain sinners of omission.


Cecilia Wikström

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